Finally releases to cassette tape for it's one and only 300 limited edition run!! 

Recorded in San Diego and mixed at Capricorn Studios, this little known gem dropped back in 2002 - accessible then, only on CDR format, to the chance few who'd had the experience of crossing Sumach's meandering path, roaming the streets of that border town and during his travels up the west coast. Without a fixed roof over his head, he could be spotted back in the day lugging around his recording gear, making Pokeez at 9th/E his home base. This relic comes ten years later as a nod to the heads who were down from day one.

15 tracks. Production by SUMACH with two additional beats from S.D.'s PSYCHPOP and INFINITY GAUNTLET. Featuring JOHAZ of Dag Savage. Available now in THE SHOP .



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Pocketsized softcover photobook. Memorabilia for the collector types. Featuring SUFI & GLK in Serbia on stage at Exit Festival 2010. 24 brilliant color images captured by Lisa Johnson.